Maxine Evans Photography

I love this set of images and review from Maxine Evans Photography (Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow In-Use)

I was totally apprehensive about buying yet another “short cut” tool for posing, but I am so glad I bought this Posing Pillow by Photography by Axsys Design. Not only is the perfect design but it does exactly what it claims. When is the last time you bought something that does that?It seamlessly allowed me to move from one pose to another without having to disturb baby’s head by stuffing crunched up blankets underneath and constantly readjusting to get it “just right”. You can gently reposition the posing pillow if you want more or less lift by moving it forward or back. Easy Peasy.

Great little pillow! I highly recommend this posing pillow and it will save you time and frustration getting your pose “just right”. Thank you Bianca for a great product and not just another gimmick us newborn photographers must have. This pillow is a real must have!

Maxine Evans Photography Using Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow