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How The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow is Placed

Diagram of the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow

The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow features one edge with an abrupt rise. The other edge is gradually faded out in a natural shape.

The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow is used in conjunction with a standard bean bag as the primary or exclusive contour for bum up, side laying, modified side-laying, back-laying, womb, criss cross, and froggy poses.  When two points of contour are needed (for certain poses) the examples will show how I use commodity items to achieve smaller levels of contour. The signature move of this posing pillow is its ability to provide a beefy amount of contour that is needed for optimal results in a way that is smoothly transitioned out so there are no abrupt edges.

Your purchase will include multiple views of Bum-Up, Modified Side Laying, Criss Cross, and Womb with the exact position of the posing pillow highlighted in red for easy identification. The top view of each pose will also be provided so that it will be very easy to see where the posing contour is placed for each pose.

Please note: I recommend choosing the option that includes crucial training so that you can gain valuable insights that will help your backdrop have a smooth contour!

The versatility of the posing pillow is unrivaled… I use it as the exclusive or primary posing contour in most bean bag shots (bum up, side laying, modified side-laying, back-laying, womb or taco, criss cross, and froggy)… and to top it off, I offer convenient digital training along with the purchase so that you will know how to set up your bean bag and backdrop for optimal use of posing contour.

The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow features:

  • Abrupt rise smoothly transitioned out in a natural shape
  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Adaptable to many use scenarios

Straight out of Camera Samples

SOOC Training Sample - Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow - Womb
(Download Full Resolution Sample)

Pose: Womb

SOOC Training Sample - Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow - Swaddled Back Laying
(Download Full Resolution Sample)

Pose: Swaddled Back Laying

SOOC Training Sample - Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow - Criss Cross
(Download Full Resolution Sample)

Pose: Criss Cross

SOOC Training Sample - Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow - Bum Up
(Download Full Resolution Sample)

Pose: Bum Up

SOOC Training Sample - Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow - Womb or Taco
(Download Full Resolution Sample)

Pose: Womb

SOOC Training Sample - Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow - Modified Womb or Taco
(Download Full Resolution Sample)

Pose: Modified Womb

SOOC Training Sample - Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow - Side Laying
(Download Full Resolution Sample)

Pose: Side Laying

Innovation was Born

I’m Bianca Hubble, the owner and photographer at Photography by Axsys Design and the innovator behind the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow.

The foundation for any great newborn photograph on the bean bag is excellent posing contour that integrates well with your desired pose.

If you have ever tried using some of the posing pillows that are commonly seen online that are shaped like a wedge or like a standard pillow, you will quickly become frustrated as you attempt to create a surface that perfectly conforms to your desired pose for Baby and at the same time allows the backdrop to be completely smooth.

While you are in the midst of a newborn photography session, you have only a short window of time to do all of the poses that you want and you need your equipment to be fast and efficient. It was easy to see the need for a posing pillow that catered specifically to the needs of modern professional newborn photographers.

So, after much original thought, I developed my own posing pillow that helps to pose Baby in the positions that I want quickly and with smooth transitions and that met all of my criteria as a professional newborn photographer.

Even if you are experienced with the time-consuming process of creating posing contour yourself using a variety of commodity items, you will greatly benefit from the speed, consistency, and safety of using the professional newborn photography posing pillow that I painstakingly developed.

Trusted Worldwide

Global coverage

Convenient Domestic and International Shipping from the United States is provided beginning at $3.00 USD. Please note: When importing an item of value from a foreign country, your country may collect customs fees from you based on the laws in your country.

Express Delivery Options

Reasonably priced express delivery options are available for domestic and international orders.

Trusted by Professionals World-Wide

Over 790 Newborn Cloud Posing Pillows are trusted by Professional Newborn Photographers in 18 Countries around the Globe.

Newborn Cloud World-Wide Map - 9/13/2015

Purchase Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow with Essential Video Training on Setting up your Beanbag and Backdrop for Optimal Results and Proper Placement of the Posing Pillow

$180 USD

Purchase Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow with Photographic Examples that Diagram Proper Placement for Newborn Poses

$119 USD

Purchase Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow Only

$79 USD

Learn More

Posing Pillow with Crucial Training

The video training will show you exactly how to set up your bean bag and backdrop to achieve optimal results. Next up in the video you will see still photographs and short video segments that clearly show you the exact position of the posing pillow from various angles in 4 common newborn poses. You will also see where other commodity items are added in for posing contour when necessary.

Although the training is not a video that will teach you how to position a newborn into the various poses, having the correct posing contour and positioning it in the correct way will be clearly demonstrated. Having the right posing contour is extremely important to achieve a pose and for the comfort of Baby.

If you feel like your bean bag and backdrop set up is less than ideal, the training will put you off on an absolutely amazing start. If you are a serious pro with no complaints about the way you are doing it, then the small additional cost can still be very beneficial to gain insights into other ways of doing things.

The training material is also in written and picture form for those that do not prefer video training.

Posing Pillow with Examples

Diagrammed image samples are included so you can see where I position the posing pillow for 4 common newborn poses.

Posing Pillow Only

You will receive the posing pillow only. This purchase option is intended for those who already own the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow but wish to purchase a second pillow.

What our clients say

12016433_1068423073168037_1916454990_n(September 17, 2015): As a newer newborn photographer it is hard to filter through all the suggestions people throw you way of how you should do things. It is the most critical specialization and on the same hand the most rewarding. I was suggested the newborn cloud by another fellow photographer and saw it in action and was blown away by the ease of its use. As someone learning all of the different posing and such it can sometimes be hard to remember the nappy placements and different configurations of propping blankets but the cloud simplified the whole process so all I worry about is the most important thing…the baby! Thank you so much for developing this product!! Its helped me take some of the stress out of the job!!

Elizabeth Henningsen Little Betty Photography

Amanda Wermers Photography using the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow(February 7, 2015): I wanted to review the posing pillow I recently purchased from Photography by Axsys Design! I used it with today’s session for the first time and it is truly the perfect posing pillow! This baby girl was 18 days old and a hot mess. She was reflux-y and would not settle at all. With my other posing pillows I would have spent more time fussing with the position of the pillow but with this new pillow it stayed in place and it was the perfect height etc for every pose I did. I filled the pillow with […] just as Bianca Colon Hubble suggests and it really made a huge difference!!! I am a believer!! –

Amanda Wermers Amanda Wermers Photography

Maxine Evans Using the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow(April 16, 2015): I was totally apprehensive about buying yet another “short cut” tool for posing, but I am so glad I bought this Posing Pillow by Photography by Axsys Design. Not only is the perfect design but it does exactly what it claims. When is the last time you bought something that does that?It seamlessly allowed me to move from one pose to another without having to disturb baby’s head by stuffing crunched up blankets underneath and constantly readjusting to get it “just right”. You can gently reposition the posing pillow if you want more or less lift by moving it forward or back. Easy Peasy.

Great little pillow! I highly recommend this posing pillow and it will save you time and frustration getting your pose “just right”. Thank you Bianca for a great product and not just another gimmick us newborn photographers must have. This pillow is a real must have! –

Maxine Evans Maxine Evans Photography

(February 28, 2015): I’m am SOOOO HAPPY with my poser!! I used it for the first time yesterday, and what a difference! I was always fighting with rolled up receiving blankets to try to prop up baby’s head, but they would squish down flat and move, etc. I placed my poser and never needed to move it again until I did the chin on hands pose. This is most definitely one of my best photography purchases EVER.

Michelle DeMoss Photographer

(February 23, 2015): I am beyond impressed with this posing pillow! It is sooo worth the purchase. It helped me achieve exactly what I wanted and saved me so much time! xo –

Lisa Boyle Posh & Pretty Portraits by Lisa Boyle

(February 20, 2015): I just wanted to say Thank you so much for the pillow I bought, I used it for the first time today and It was bloody great, soooo useful and well worthwhile buying it and getting it sent to the UK! Thank you !! Thank you! Rachael x

Rachael Wells Photographer

(January 19, 2015): I purchased the pillow a few weeks ago. Initially, I wavered because of the price. I have lots of posing pillows and couldn’t decide if one more was really worth it. When I got it, I really liked the shape of the pillow. The design just made sense. I have used it for about 6 sessions now, and do use it on 80% of my beanbag poses. So, it looks as if it is paying for itself! Thank you Bianca!

Melissa Photographer

Luciene Prestana Photography using the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow(January 4, 2015): I really love my pillow!!! And I highly recommend it for all the newborn photographers who, like me, were struggling to get the right poses on the bean bag. I use this pillow for all of my posing and it totally helped with my transition flow. Thank you, Bianca!!

Luciene Pestana Luciene Pestana Photography

(November 12, 2014): I have been photographing newborns for quite some time and seriously debated on if I needed yet another “poser”, especially since I couldn’t “see” what it looked like [Please Note: Picture is available at this time. See Below.] – a big issue for me since I have multiple wasted poser pillows, etc. I was admittedly apprehensive but after much consideration I went for it and purchased this poser. The way I look at things is that if it saves me time or fuss, it is worth it. I got the poser and the first session I used it my assistant and I both commented on how much easier certain positions were. I do think you have to decide just how “full” you want the poser – once i got the correct amount, so I had the desired amount of movement – it worked quite well. This helped with my main adjustments and I still added minor tweaks but it was much easier than my previous rolled blanket method. I was already a strong poser so this was a splurge for me because what I was doing was in fact working. Having said that, this does make it easier and faster for me. I’ve also found that I use it as the base for several other poses as well. I think if you are new to posing, this will help you a lot and establish a good base. If you are set in your ways and love the rolled blankets – great, but this is easier : ) Aside from the poser, I have found Bianca to be really helpful in critiquing my set-up and lighting and offering advice. I don’t regret my purchase at all. -Melissa

Melissa Photographer

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