{online} Newborn + Maternity Retreat Flash Sale

The {online} Newborn + Maternity Retreat has been such an exciting time. I have loved having the opportunity to meet so many of you. Please enjoy a $100 discount to the first 25 people to purchase either of 2 of our most popular combination sets. I also have some amazing workshop opportunities for you at a handsome discount!

Current Workshop Opportunities

Small Group Opportunities with Hands On Training

Bookings that take place before the Flash sale runs out, will receive a $200 discount off the listed price of $1300. This discount will be confirmed via email after the deposit has been paid. Spots will be removed from the list once they have been fully booked.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days

The Total cost of this Hands-On small group Opportunity will be $1300. $400 of the total is the Non-refundable booking deposit. The remaining balance of $900 is due one month prior to the workshop date.

Small group mentoring is varies between 2 and 5 students depending on the workshop location. The small group mentoring will be 2 morning newborn photography sessions and one afternoon wrapping newborn photography session. During the first newborn session I will be posing the baby and walking you through each step as we go. During the second newborn session, you will be posing the baby and I will provide guidance as needed. During the wrapping, I will be demonstrating, and giving step by step instructions. I will teach studio set up and ideal prop/blanket selection, posing, lighting, equipment, the camera settings and lighting techniques I use, as well as my editing and editing workflow. After the mentoring experience, I will still be available as a resource to you to answer questions, offer critiques, reinforce what we went over, provide vendors that I use, and marketing strategies that I use. You will also receive discounts and free merchandise from my vendor sponsorships. 4 to 7-hours of time will be spent doing three newborn sessions; the rest of the time will be spent on set up and studio training, marketing, pricing, and on editing/workflow training.

Mentoring Contract: I ask is that you do not share the information that you learn from me with anyone else for at least 1 year after your mentoring date. I also agree to keep the identify of those that I have mentored private.

This deposit guarantees my availability for the mentoring experience outlined above and allows pre-mentoring to commence. Pre-mentoring will allow you to hit the ground running when you return from your mentoring session by ensuring that you have the opportunity to acquire any needed supplies or equipment for your studio. This deposit is non-refundable.

Your deposit will be forfeited if you do not show up to the mentoring session.


Behind the Scenes Tour of Posing Pillows

Preview our Complete Product Line-up Video

Purchase the Newborn Cloud Studio Set

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$409 299 USD

The Studio Set includes our most commonly requested custom bean bag (50″ Wide, 14.25″ Side Wall, and Integrated Side Restraints, Rigid Front Wall), The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow with E-Workshop by Bianca with Bianca Hubble Photography, The Newborn Cloud Mini Set, and a Bean Bag Filling Comparison Guide. Economical and Express shipping is available from the United States to most world wide destinations. Please Note: -This offer is only available to those who purchase using this special web-page that you are viewing now.

Purchase the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow Set

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$259 149 USD

The Posing Pillow Set includes The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow with E-Workshop by Bianca with Bianca Hubble Photography, and The Newborn Cloud Mini Set. Economical and Express shipping is available from the United States to most world wide destinations.

Lets face it! “Bean Bag” Photography for newborn babies can be so rewarding. We create images that parents and families will cherish for a lifetime. But without a well thought out plan and proper tools, it can be difficult to create a large variety of images for your clients during the short window of a newborn session. Professionals all around the globe are choosing the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow because it helps them create excellent bean bag poses quickly which equates to less work, more variety for their clients, and higher sales. In fact, many photographers, just like you, begin soft proofing unedited images to their clients to further reduce their workload.

The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow combined with the knowledge of how to use it and to position it is a magical combination. As a free bonus, you will also receive an insightful E-Workshop from Bianca with Bianca Hubble Photography created specifically for the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow.

How Does it work?

Straight of Camera Diagram of how the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow and Newborn Cloud Mini are Placed

The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow features one edge with an abrupt rise. The other edge is gradually faded out in a natural shape.

The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow is used in conjunction with a standard bean bag as the primary or exclusive contour for bum up, side laying, modified side-laying, back-laying, womb, criss cross, and froggy poses. Within the E-Workshop, Bianca will clearly identify the position of the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow as well as the secondary point of contour which can be achieved with the mini Newborn Cloud Posing Pillows, which are included with your purchase. The signature move of this posing pillow is its ability to provide a beefy amount of contour that is needed for optimal results in a way that is smoothly transitioned out so there are no abrupt edges.

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The abrupt rise is used to give the beefy contour that works well for bean bag posing. Then, the beefy contour is faded out smoothly in a natural shape. The Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow is placed directly on top of a posing surface (typically a newborn posing bean bag). Once you set up your backdrop, you simply place Baby right on top of the backdrop. Your bean bag and the Newborn Cloud Posing Pillow will work together to create the foundation for comfortable and safe newborn photography.

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Your posing pillow will be empty when you receive it. Don’t worry, it is easy and inexpensive to fill and detailed filling instructions are included with your purchase.

In-Use Samples

When shopping for a posing tool, all that matters is what the Straight out of Camera image looks like. That way, you can clearly see the purpose of the posing tool and see if it is a worthwhile investment for you. As you examine these straight out of camera pictures, what’s important to note is that the useful abrupt rise is provided but in a way that fades back to the backdrop so that no backdrop editing is needed. Even if you enjoy editing your backdrops to remove distracting lumps and wrinkles, I’m sure you can appreciate the speed of knowing you have a stable and easy to use source of abrupt contour!

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World-Wide Shipping

We greatly value our clients from over 19 different countries around the globe. Our products are manufactured in the United States and ship from the United States.

If you live outside the United States, the process of ordering is simple and you can rest assured that your product will arrive to you safely. Economical and Express delivery options are available. One thing to keep in mind is that each country has their own rules for importing items of value. You may be responsible for paying customs or duties in order to receive your delivery.

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