Mandy Gary Clark

Newborn Cloud Bean Bag and Newborn Cloud Ring

After having gone through bean bags like purses… I found like anything else in photography what I like and didn’t like about my posers. With giving it great thought I went looking for a new one. This one some how came up and it really took my interest. The rigid front wall seriously was the one thing that I really wished I had. I am a heavy poser which means I lean on my bag as I am posing newborns. My previous bag would mold to me instead of molding to my babies. I would then try and figure out ways to keep that from happening which would take time out of my work flow to shove blankets and so forth under the bag to compensate. I am by no means knocking other bags because they have got me so much farther in my journey then ever imagined. But this bag right here is a game changer. It was the easiest bag for me to ever fill. It molds to my babies and stays shape for my leaning. It really is my favorite bag to date and it is an investment. I say investment because you can choose the cheaper options but when it helps you flow through your workflow with ease so you can crank out more sessions… its a no brainer. I will suggest this bag to anyone. If you are in the fence because of price just think buy once and never have to spend it again… also its a tax write off. I also have the cloud ring… again game changer to my potato sack poses!!! Invest folks invest.. your clients and yourselves will notice a difference ♡