I have been photographing newborns for quite some time and seriously debated on if I needed yet another “poser”, especially since I couldn’t “see” what it looked like [Please Note: Picture is available at this time.] – a big issue for me since I have multiple wasted poser pillows, etc. I was admittedly apprehensive but after much consideration I went for it and purchased this poser. The way I look at things is that if it saves me time or fuss, it is worth it. I got the poser and the first session I used it my assistant and I both commented on how much easier certain positions were. I do think you have to decide just how “full” you want the poser – once i got the correct amount, so I had the desired amount of movement – it worked quite well. This helped with my main adjustments and I still added minor tweaks but it was much easier than my previous rolled blanket method. I was already a strong poser so this was a splurge for me because what I was doing was in fact working. Having said that, this does make it easier and faster for me. I’ve also found that I use it as the base for several other poses as well. I think if you are new to posing, this will help you a lot and establish a good base. If you are set in your ways and love the rolled blankets – great, but this is easier : ) Aside from the poser, I have found Bianca to be really helpful in critiquing my set-up and lighting and offering advice. I don’t regret my purchase at all. -Melissa