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Erin Leigh – Loving this pillow so far.

Nikki Hirschkorn – Love!!! This pillow is genius!

Jennifer Mohler Hazen – My new favorite poser! Love it!!

Amanda Sharpe – Bianca Colon Hubble this poser changed my life. [smile emoticon]

Danielle Paul Sinsky – I purchased and LOVE LOVE IT smile emoticon makes my work flow much fast and love all the different ways to use it smile emoticon Elle Em would love one if these love it more then the butterfly posers

Regina Reis Fotógrafa – I’ve bought one and love it !!!

Crystal Berry Marsh – I’ve already purchased the poser! Such a high quality posing item, I can’t do a session without it!!

Brooke Hazel – I purchased it! Makes my workflow so much faster and more consistent!

Michelle Demoss – I bought my poser already and I’m in love with. I set it up and never needed to move it until I did the chin on hands. No need to worry about blanket slippage or it going flat.

Carolyn Pongracz – I have this pillow and it’s great! I’m tagging Courtney McJabi — maybe you’ll win something too!

My-Tram Seymour – This has changed my posing workflow tremendously! […] you need this in your life!!!

Rebeca Price – I have tried this posing pillow but I do not own one. It is amazing and I SO want to have one.

Amy Raab – Love the pillow! Makes my workflow much smoother!

Daniele Carol Miljour – I did buy one and have received it. It made posing much faster. A step up from my original technique but I’d love the crucial training which I should have purchased all together.

Luciana Justice – I purchased this pillow and I can assure you it will make your posing easier, your flow smooth, and it will save you time in the long run. I sold all my other posing pillows after I purchased this one, it’s all I need to get the job done without the fuss or having different size pillows for different poses. I’m still learning, but this pillow made the process so much easier.

Joy Harless – I’ve bought the posing pillow and love it!! It makes posing so much easier!! […] it was worth every penny!

Sara Sutherland Ratcliff – Just got my posing pillow last week. Used it for 2 sessions. LIFE SAVER!

Jennifer Murray Anderson – I just bought the pillow and it has made my newborn session go a lot easier:) Thank you

Rachael Wells – Its so awesome!! has made such a difference

Kristin Banks – Bought – used once so far and no more receiving blankets under head!

Melissa Folks – I love using this to props baby heads or bums– and its seamless!

Jenifer Howard Photography – I am IN LOVE with my newborn cloud! I have always been hesitent to purchase posing helps, but this tool was the best investment I have made for my business in a while! It made transitioning and posing go so smoothly because I wasn’t constantly stuffing and rolling things under baby. I cant wait for my next newborn session so I can use it again!

Jenn Stanwick – Would love the bean bag with rigid front as I’ve already purchased the posing pillow and love it! Wicked easy for side lying, tummy and taco pose.

Kellie Houck – I purchased the posing pillow about 3 months ago and I am in LOVE […]

Kukhareva Elena – I am very glad this pillow! It’s incredibly easy to use and saves a lot of time

Amy Kudras – I purchased the posing pillow and love love love it! I can’t write enough good things about it! Not having to constantly readjust the pillow is so wonderful [smile emoticon]

Elizabeth Henningsen – I personally have the bean bag and LOVE it!! Makes work flow so much easier and the babies seem more supported and comfortable as well!

Miriam Oliveira – I purchased the Posing Pillow a few months ago and it’s from far my favorite help to pose new borns perfectly. It fits so many different poses and always gives me a smooth surface, no edges or lumps. Love it!

Karen Quist Halbert – I’ve purchased the training and the posing pillow and love the results so far!!! Thank you, Bianca!

Dana Bramlett – I purchased the posing pillow. It has changed the flow and the amount of “stuffing” I have to use during my sessions. Definitely my go to “bean bag” during my newborn sessions. Great with bag posing and props.

Nikki Hirschkorn – I own the posing pillow and love it! I use it with every single session

Coevelyn Hardy – Already have the posing pillow it’s fantastic.

Danielle Paul Sinsky – Already have the pillow best thing a photographer could purchase since using I’ve never used the butterfly posers ever again

Allison Dupre – I purchased the posey pillow a couple of months ago and have used it only a few times as I shoot about 2 newborns a month. It has proved to be an essential part of equipment, making posing newborns so much easier. I struggled before getting the posing just right and felt so amateurish.

Mydalis – I bought the posing pillow with the education training a couple months ago and LOVE it! At first the price kind of scared me away but then after using it I realized that it was worth every penny. I really want the bean bag to go with it, and I am saving for a mentor session with her too!

Leann Goode – I own the posing pillow and it has literally saved me an hour each session. No more stuffing blankets or cloth diapers to achieve the beautiful result I desire! […] you would love this pillow for the newborn sessions you do!

Tiffany Jones Alexander – I have the posing pillow, LOVE IT!