Stefanie Miller

Newborn Cloud Studio Set + Ring

I have the the bean bag (ok, I have the ring, the posing pillow and the mini pillows to lol . I opted for the larger bean bag, with the side pockets, I have had almost every bean bag on the market, and was so frustrated with my bean bag that I almost gave up bean bag posing, I bought this bag before I gave it up and have not looked back since. The rigid wall in the front allows me to lean on my bag and the filing does not move, I use an assistant and she leans on the bag too and we have no issues… I am glad I opted for the side pockets, as I put small pvc pipes (shown in the training) and clamp my backgrounds to it, that has relieved sooooo much editing time as well as my assistant is free to spot baby instead of pulling on the blankets to get them smooth.

I have had a few friends get this system on my referal and they love it just as much as I do 🙂